How to host a jigsaw party for family and friends.

You are never too old for a jigsaw party. It is fun, educational, team building, frustrating and all of these things combined.

At work or at home. Jigsaws are a perfect way to bring together a party. Yes, at work too because jigsaws are wonderful for team building. In large and small businesses, jigsaws are a great way to do things together, to have fun, to better connect with each other, to make the team stronger.

But back to the idea of a jigsaw party. Here are our ideas for a wonderful and fun time together.

Choose a theme that is connected to the jigsaw or jigsaws you will do. Get people to dress for the theme and have food that connects with the theme.

It could be a Disney princess party with Disney jigsaws as the theme.

It could be a dog or cat party with dog or cat jigsaws as part of the theme.

It could be an around the world party with iconic sights from around the world on the jigsaws you complete.

It could be parents against kids in completing jigsaws. A bit of competition never hurt anyone, as long as it is all in jest.

At the party, setup tables, each with a jigsaw. Devise a fun way for people to move from table to table, competing to complete jigsaws. Score based on pieces put in, in a set period of time.

There are plenty of other ways you can have fun too. For example, you could have individuals race to complete jigsaws in the shortest time. People going guess how many pieces in a jigsaw. You could serve cookies in the shape of a jigsaw. Families could compete against other families.

If the party is to complete one jigsaw, make it big, like really big. Do this to get everyone together to go big and really engage with the opportunity. You could even go as far as livestreaming the event on Facebook.

A jigsaw party is all about having fun together around the pleasure of dong jigsaws. Interaction between the guests is key. Make it light and easy to ensure everyone is engaged and having fun.