Freight costs are calculated per package sent by each retailer in our network. If, for example, you order from three retailers, you will pay for three packages and the price will be based on the value of each purchase.

Freight per package is dependent on the value of the purchase. There are three freight costs. The pricing operates in a circular manner in that if you place a large order, bigger than the highest of the three values, freight will be the max value and a smaller value depending on the value of purchase remaining.

Freight shows on each order prior to order placement so you are not locked into an order until you know the actual costs.

Here is the freight table:

Order Value Frieght Price
Up to $40.00 $9
$41.00 to $80.00 $15
$81.00 to $100.00* $20
*For orders above $100, freight costs are calculated using the above table for any remaining amount. E.g. an order for $130 would be $29 in shipping.