Puzzlers World Dunvegan Castle, Scotland Jigsaw Puzzle

Scotland is known for its castles, but now you can rebuild Dunvegan Castle thanks to this amazing 1000-piece puzzle from Puzzlers World. The Puzzlers World – Dunvegan Castle Scotland 1000-piece puzzle manages to capture the majestic nature of this incredible castle. As well as the castle, you also get a peek at some of that legendary Scottish countryside with its lush greens and peaceful lake, this is one castle that captures the time period it was created perfectly. Puzzlers World makes each and every one of their 1000 puzzle pieces with the strongest carding. Add to this the finest printing and you have a puzzle that is made with the highest quality. Puzzle Dimensions: 70 cm x 50 cm
Pieces: 1000
Age Rating: Adults

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Online Price: $24.99

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